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Repairing Defects and Scratches with Powder Coating

That very first scratch no matter how small is always the worse. However, you will be happy to know that minor defects and scratches can be polishing out of a powder-coated surface including minor orange peel, and minor imperfections. The best way to do this is with the use of a top-quality polishing compound. There are several that are available at most auto body supply stores. I personally like to use 3M's Finesse-It II Machine Polish.

It is very important that you realize that once you have any parts powder coated, you can never repair any chips, scratches, scrapes, cracks, etc. touched up in powder. The part will have to be removed, stripped and then powder coated again. Warning?because dye lots do change, the colors may not match precisely. Therefore, you will have to have a touch up kit made for you at a local automotive paint supplier. You want them to create a touch-up kit that will match as closely as possible. However, keep in mind that special effect powders cannot be matched.

When you have your parts coated, also have a Q panel coated at the same time. This is usually a 3? x 5" or 4"x6" flat piece of metal that the coater will write on the back all the information you will need concerning your powder coating including the name of the manufacturers, part number, color name and lot number. You will need this for any future reference. In addition, this Q panel is what will be used to make your touch up kit as many paint companies today use color computer matching. Do not lose this Q-panel. I keep mine in the same place as my title.

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